Below are links to photos & video I've taken during some of the projects I've been involved with. Some of these projects were inspection only. I acted as the rigging consultant as well as the install rigger for any install projects. A few of these projects were IATSE Local 126 gigs for shows passing through. Note that this is certainly not a complete list. Some jobs are just too hectic to slow down to take pictures & many times I forget to take even one photo before I start climbing. Beware that many of these photos are inital job site photos so the install photos are generally more toward the middle or back of the lists.

Sea World Sham Stadium truss inspection & debris clear - San Antonio Texas 2013
Scott Theater - inspection & correction 2013
Fort Worth Opera needed a way to fly some old TVs for the singers to see the conductor. Unistrut & accessories to the rescue 2013
Bass Performance Hall - concert ceiling support turnbuckle inspection & tensioning 2013
Bass Performance Hall - post fire damage inspection 2013
Cowtown Coliseum Fort Worth Championship Bull Riders - hang trusses & TV 2013
Ohio State University Foot Ball Stadium PA install 2012
Gateway Church Frisco Texas PA Install - San Antonio Texas 2012
White River Christian Church PA Install - Indiana 2011
Sea World Shamu Stadium PA Install - San Antonio Texas 2011
Cowtown Coliseum Fort Worth Stock Yards - rigging inspection 2011
Maroon5 rig - Fort Worth Convention Center 2010
Premier Designs - Fort Worth Convention Center 2010
Bell County Expo Center PA Cluster Motor & Safety Pin Revamp - Belton Texas 2010
Casa Manana Fort Worth Rigging Upgrade - 2010
Gateway School curtain install - Dallas Texas 2009
Sea World Nautilus grid demo - San Antonio Texas 2009
Hershey Park SRO Exhibit Install - Pershey Pensylvania 2008
Sea World Viva - replace rusted hardware 2006
Mansfield ISD Athletic Center - RF antenna install 2006
Sea World Shamu Swing - hang swing for new show with Tom Edelston of Aerial Effects 2005
Sea World Shamu Stadium PA Install - San Antonio Texas 2005
Sea World Whale Tail Install - San Antonio Texas 2005
Pizza Hut Park PA Install - Frisco Texas 2004
Garland ISD PA Install - Garland Texas 2004
Creighton University Soccer Stadium PA Install - Omaha Nebraska 2004
Wilkerson Greines Athletic Center - recon photos for new installation rigging & for center cluster rigging issue 2004